Transition Build Up Drill

You can see the entire FastModel library of drills and plays at this link: Fast Model Library

Practicing transition offense and defense by nature creates a conditioning drill, but combining that with a 20 second shot clock (which can be lowered as your team gets in better shape and more comfortable with this drill) produces major back and forth action and gets your team running while also working on fundamental skills…and it’s fun too!



Player 1 on the Red team shoots a FT and then sprints back to defend Player 1 & Player 2 from the Blue team.
















Player 1 & Player 2 work against the defender to get a quaility shot.

Player 1 from the Red team looks to “fake their help” and cause confusion for the ball handler.















Once the Red team gets scored on or secures the rebound, 2 more players (Player 2 & Player 3) enter the game for the Red team. They then look to score 3 vs 2.

The game continues with each team adding 2 players after securing the ball on a change of possession, until you have a 5 on 5 matchup.







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