Category: SLOB

North Florida SLOB

This sideline out of bounds play was submitted by Bert DeSalvo, Head Women’s Coach at Southern Connecticut State University

Elbow Stagger Flare

A good play if you need a basket with little time left on the shot clock. Northern Iowa ran this against UNC and got a good look for a three-pointer with 1 second left on the shot clock. It has…

MPS Italy Set

This is a nice ball screen set run by MPS Italy in Euroleague 3 years ago. Some nice misdirection action by 4 to create the high low action Contributed by Fabian McKenzie

Phoenix Suns ATO Box Clear

On April 2, 2015 of this past season, the Phoenix Suns were down one point with 6.8 seconds remaining on the road at the Golden State Warriors. The Suns ran a brilliant ATO SLOB quick hitting set to clear out…